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Sheri Sturdevant

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Sheri Sturdevant

Fine Arts Teacher

Sheri was born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho, and moved to Utah just before 9th grade. The Utah culture was difficult for her when she first moved here, but grew to love the state. She enjoys the variety of landscapes, the geography, and the recreational activities here. She has always had a life-long love of arts and crafts and working with adolescents. As the oldest of all cousins, she was basically the sheep dog. As a youth she often would get together with family and teach all the cousins so the adults could go off and do their own thing.

Sheri started teaching at Stillwater in 1986 and stayed until a cancer diagnosis in 2012. During her previous time with Stillwater, she worked in a private school with students on the spectrum on weekdays, and came to Stillwater on the weekends. For a time, Sheri left the field completely due to the cancer treatments. When she came back to teaching, she jokes she came back as a pirate because of a leg amputation. Since 2018, she has volunteered at the Eccles Wildlife Education Center in the wetlands. There she helps kids learn about the beautiful plants and animals along the Great Salt Lake Trails. At the center she teaches arts and crafts with kids. She is also currently a Master Naturalist and Artist in Residence there. She has a passion for creating artistic kaleidoscope designs and submits these kaleidoscope designs to the CBS Sunday Morning Show. They’ve shown at least 70 of her designs on the news. Sheri is an artist in graphics, colored pencils, oils and acrylics, calligraphy, 2 and 3D art, origami and design.

In her free time, Sheri enjoys the outdoors and nature. She loves silent activities where she can focus on being present and being in nature. She likes to try new techniques in calligraphy and arts and crafts to build her repertoire. She also volunteers for the Navajo Elder Rug Makers.

Sheri passionately expresses her dedication to her work at Stillwater, often remarking that she feels so fortunate to be in a position where she would willingly pay to work with the students. Her affinity for visual thinkers, who share a unique understanding of the world, created a mutually enriching environment. Sheri takes pride in offering a safe space for students to explore their emotions and narratives through art. The intimate class sizes at Stillwater allow her to delve deeply into teaching arts and crafts, drawing on her own transformative experience with art that granted her a voice to express previously undiscovered emotions. Sheri cherishes the opportunity to provide an empowering voice to the students at Stillwater.

  • Associate of Arts, Commercial Art,  Salt Lake Community College
  • Bachelor of Science, Art & Education,  Southern Utah University
  • Secondary Level II Fine Art Teaching License

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Sheri Sturdevant