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Janie Brown

residential treatment center for teenagers

Janie Brown

Case Manager

Janie has been with Stillwater Academy in various capacities over the past 7 years. She and her husband Jerry started out as housing Staff which they did for 6 years. More recently she has been promoted to Case Manager. She has her own small family of students. She has a no nonsense way that the students love and trust. She is consistent and predictable in her interaction but she’s always full of fun. She has a double major in Elementary Education and Outdoor Education. She has lived in many states over the years from Massachusetts to North Carolina, Iowa and finally has lived the last 10 years in Utah. She comes to Stillwater with a lifetime of experience, including the rearing of her own family of 8 children. She had 2 sets of twins. She was a counselor in a Wilderness Program, later she worked as a Dementia Life Enrichment manager at a facility. She also worked as a Doula and a childbirth educator for 10 years. She has been married to her husband Jerry for 44 years and they enjoy fishing, ping pong and just hanging out together. She also enjoys a good mystery, jigsaw puzzles and playing games and playing with Grandkids. She’s always up for also a good road trip with lots of laughter and unplanned side trips. Janie says she believes in the mission of Stillwater Academy and loves to be a part of helping kids and their families. She is passionate about her job and is a valuable asset to our team.

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Janie Brown Adds Awesome to Stillwater Academy