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Chelsie Savage

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Chelsie Rodeback

Admissions Specialist

Chelsie Skye Rodeback has been with Stillwater since 2019. She has three spirited children and a loving husband. She grew up in Salt Lake City and loves to escape to sunny Southern Utah as often as she can.

Chelsie’s passion for working with adolescents comes from her own struggles being a rebellious teenager and having low confidence in the classroom. Chelsie believes that it is a gift to receive treatment at a young age and brings that message to the teens with whom she works.  “If I had received help in school at your age, it would have helped my self-esteem immensely.”

Chelsie has spent most of her time at Stillwater working as “front line staff” in positions of Support Staff and Case Management.  These are positions where she interacted daily with the students as a leader and mentor.

She enjoys watching the students grow from their first days in the program, all the way to graduation. On graduation days, she usually has misty eyes “this is why I do this job!”  Chelsie also co-facilitated several groups including addictions 12-step program, Stages of Change, and Why Try curriculum. As a certified teacher in AEGIS (safety and crisis intervention) she led training for staff to better handle high-stress situations and skills to properly de-escalate clients. She believes in change, and that the students CAN recover from trauma. Chelsie has a passion for the skills taught in our program and uses what we learn at Stillwater in her own personal, everyday life.

Chelsie has always connected with the parents of the students with whom she worked and enjoyed helping them acclimate to the program. It was always a goal to move into an admissions position to better help parents with struggling teens. Chelsie joined the Admissions Team in 2022, where she brings a new perspective with her knowledge from working on “the front line” with the students face to face each day.  With her strong belief in treatment, she is able to reassure and support the parents through their journey. Chelsie works hard to help parents find answers, whether with us at Stillwater or somewhere else, she believes everyone deserves the gift of healing and recovery.

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Chelsie Savage Adds Awesome to Stillwater Academy