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Help Your Troubled Teen Find Success in Life

We offer Long-term residential care, intensive outpatient care, or day-treatment programs

Our therapeutic team will uncover and correct the root causes of behavioral, academic, and emotional issues.

Welcome to our therapeutically-intensive, relationship-based, family-oriented treatment program for adolescents, ages 12-17.  We offer long-term residential care, intensive outpatient care, or day-treatment programs. We help uncover and heal the root cause(s) of your teen’s poor choices and motivations in life.

Our expert team has been helping teens for nearly 40 years – so there isn’t anything we haven’t seen or any teen that can pull the wool over our eyes – we’ve seen it all!  We welcome you to contact us to have us evaluate if your teen needs a residential treatment program like ours and whether or not ours is a perfect fit for your child.

We firmly believe that lasting change happens in the heart and that positive actions need repeated exercise to grow into familiar habits.  We’re not interested in quick or superficial fixes, and don’t want to see your teen fall back into old habits once returning home. 

Really, we mean it, so call us with your questions, or click the button below for a free online assessment to see if your teen is a good fit for our program.

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What We Do at Stillwater

Outstanding Licensed Counseling

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Positive Family-Based Community

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Solid Academics

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Therapeutic Boarding School Comments:

Our Therapy Features

  • Therapeutically intense
  • Residential component
  • Horses and ranch
  • Safe, home-like environment
  • Cohesive/thorough approach
  • Experiential learning
  • Specialized school
  • Emotional processing
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Stillwater Therapeutic Program Director Tells a Student’s Story of a Changed Life

This video is descriptive of the type of change and inner healing found from the therapy here at Stillwater.


Our Residential Program Provides…

Warm Personal Family living
Outstanding Therapy
Solid Academics

Make a Difference for a Troubled Teen

For more information call 385-352-3371

Therapy Enrollment Questions?

When does enrollment open?

Enrollment and intake takes place year-round.

Is Stillwater Academy covered by my insurance?

Yes, insurance is accepted! Call us!

Who is eligible for Stillwater Academy?

Teens from all over the world are eligible.

Who is NOT eligible for Stillwater Academy?

Teens with a history of violence/arson/severe mental disability.

Are safe transport services available?


Can my teen enroll immediately?

Yes, though there may be a wait list.

Have other questions? Call or text an enrollment counselor today at ‪385-352-3371‬‬‬‬

Should you need help finding troubled teen schools, residential ranch school, affordable therapeutic boarding schools, christian therapeutic teen ranch, or schools for troubled teens, please let us know. Stillwater Youth Academy is a non-religious therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens providing behavioral therapy for troubled teen boys and girls. The residential treatment center providing residential treatment for troubled teens. Stillwater is one of the best therapeutic boarding schools, best residential treatment programs for teens, best wilderness programs, and behavioral health program that works with troubled teens. Stillwater is among boarding schools that are Emotional Growth Schools and Therapeutic Boarding Schools, also known as troubled teen schools or troubled teen therapy boarding schools. It is an alternative boarding school that offers a type of psychotherapy that can help your troubled teenager. We help at-risk teenagers, teens with anger issues, teens with oppositional defiant disorder (ODD), teens with reactive attachment disorders, teens with attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). This therapeutic boarding school for youth provides troubled teens with teen counseling, including addiction treatment and behavioral therapy. We serve troubled teens and adopted teens from throughout America, including troubled teens in Texas, in Illinois, in California, in Arizona, in Utah, in Idaho, in New Mexico, and in Washington State. With teen counseling for adoption issues ("RAD" or reactive attachment disorders), and other behavioral issues and disorders like teenage defiance, teenage depression, teenage post traumatic stress disorder, and general teenage anxiety.

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